About Talking Pints

Talking Pints is an independent world site for craft beer enthusiasts and is dedicated to serving the entire craft beer community through beer education, promotion and outreach.

Talking Pints has remained an active site for beer lovers to come together and share opinions of beers, and beer retailers in a free environment. Established and maintained by dedicated volunteers, Talking Pints has become the premier resource for consumer-driven beer ratings, features on beer culture and industry events, weekly beer-related editorials, and an internationally recognized, annual Talking Pints Best competition.

A vibrant community of hundreds of thousands of members from more than 100 countries have rated hundreds of thousands of different beers around the world. Our mission is to provide independent, unbiased, consumer-driven information about beer and breweries and to enhance the image and worldwide appreciation of beer.

Our Mission

Talking Pints is an independent community of beer enthusiasts dedicated to the pursuit and appreciation of good beer. Our mission is to continue to serve the craft beer community as the premier resource for unbiased, consumer-driven information about beer and breweries worldwide and to enhance the image and worldwide appreciation of beer by:

  • Providing a site for beer enthusiasts to share their opinions of the beers they are drinking, discuss beer and brewing, and discover new beers and breweries;
  • Encouraging our members to support and promote their favorite brewers and retailers of craft beers;
  • Conducting targeted outreach to brewers, distributors, and retailers;
  • Conducting targeted public relations efforts to enhance the image of the site and of the beer industry. Our goal is to be an independent, self-sustaining organization.

We will derive our income from our advertisers and from donations, and grants.

About Our Ratings

Statement on accuracy:
No information contained in the website has been verified, confirmed or likewise legally bound to accuracy.

Talking Pints’ ratings can be a bit confusing! A user’s rating is created on a combination of scales whose total is 25 points. This is divided to create five, five-point scale rating, noted as stars. Each beer then carries a weighted average of that a 10-point scale rating.

Quality Assurance

Talking Pints has created a number of ways to assure that our ranking systems are among the best of their kind. We use a weighted average (Bayesian) to calculate beer and brewer scores so that the validity of any average is increased (as the score tends toward the actual average) by the number of samples.

A rating may not count toward a total score for a number of reasons.

1) The rater has fewer than 10 ratings
A user must have more than 10 ratings before his or her ratings affect the real score of a beer or brewer.

2) The rating is obviously bogus
Obviously bogus ratings are deleted immediately and sometimes so are the user accounts of those who post them.

3) The rating was made by a brewer or brewer affiliate
Ratings by brewers or their affiliates of their own products is a strictly forbidden at Talking Pints. The ratings and the accounts of those making the ratings are swiftly deleted and account renewal is forbidden for life. ‘Blackballing’ brewers for blatant misconduct in this regard may be considered in extreme cases.

Talking Pints has been known to use extreme measures for ensuring the validity of our ratings — including conducting IP address traces. If you suspect a ‘troll’ may be submitting harmful or abusive ratings, please contact a site administrator immediately.

Additional methods for identifying and controlling for malicious conduct may be added at any time.